How I Came Up with the Decision to Make Buying a Condo in Lipa a Main Goal

Sometimes, I can’t believe that I am turning 25 this year. Time flew really fast. Looking back, the realizations and learnings that I have in my head right now seem like a set of information light years away from how I perceived life before. My priorities have changed. At this point in time, I have a set of clear goals in my head and I know what I want to work hard for.

Growing up in a small town in the province of Batangas, life was simple and carefree. My generation is unique because we were witnesses of the advancement of technology. I had memories of my mom’s keypad phone with an antenna and our dial up internet connection. Back then, my form of entertainment was paper dolls and text cards. I was lucky to have books at home. The times back then were simple but as inevitable as it is, change took place. Rural areas surrounding our town started booming and became reclassified as cities, gradually showcasing the formidable developments happening outside Metro Manila. Knowing nothing much, I went on with life.

One of the turning points in my life was when I went to college in De La Salle Lipa. I had a taste of adulthood. I lived independently in Lipa City for two years and I fell in love with the freedom, the place and the experience. The city was just about an hour away from my hometown and I made up my mind to settle in Lipa even after graduating. When I finished College, I was fortunate enough to land a real estate job based in Lipa City. It was the start of a new chapter. 

Reminiscing, no subject in college ever taught about financial planning and investing. I headed on to the corporate world clueless about such things. Thankfully, working in the real estate industry was the key that unlocked the knowledge I needed. It is on my job that I realized how great real estate is as an investment (more on this later). As once a mere end user, I viewed real estate as nothing but an abode – a place where I can live. I had no idea that it comes with great returns. 

Lipa City, Batangas Aerial Shot | Discover Lipa

Since I had fallen deeply in love with Lipa City, I had no trouble deciding where to invest. Including my stay in Lipa when I went to college and now that I am working here, I have been happily living in this city for more than 5 years. What makes this booming city the ideal place to live in my opinion? There are many reasons and I created a list of my favorite ones:

1. Lipa City is so accessible

Star Tollway |

It’s just an hour away from Manila, an hour away from the province of Laguna, an hour away from the beautiful beaches of San Juan, 45 minutes away from the Baguio-like city of Tagaytay and just a few hours away from other major tourist spots in Batangas! Lipa is like a gateway to all the best places in the province of Batangas and other nearby cities and towns.

2. The city has a laid-back rural vibe despite being an emerging city

Ayala Highway, Lipa City, Batangas Aerial Shot | Traveller Erol

This is probably one of the many things I love the most about Lipa. The city is considered as one of the fast emerging key cities in the south. However, it has retained its rural charm throughout the years. The pace of living in Lipa is more relaxed versus that of the Metro. You can still enjoy the fresh air of the city and the people are generally friendly!

3. Good Weather

Lipa City Cool Weather | Fritz Camacho

This is another thing about Lipa that really captivates me. The weather is very much like that in Tagaytay, especially during the months of December to February. Lipa is a highly elevated area, giving the place a weather perfect for people who love the cold. 

4. Low risk for Natural Disasters

Mt. Maculot | Pinay Lakwatsera

Lipa is nestled in the middle of Mt. Malarayat and Mt. Maculot, serving as a windbreak when there are typhoons. Mt. Maculot on the west also serves as a shield from the Taal Volcano. Since the area is elevated as well, the risk for floods is low.

5. Lipa is a home for many Job Opportunities

Lima Technology Center

Considered as one of the next wave cities of the Philippines, it is no wonder that companies are now flocking in Lipa. A lot of BPO companies have established themselves in Lipa. The opportunities keep rising especially because industrial parks such as LIMA are just near the area. There is no need to leave the province and go to Manila to find great employment.

6. Lipa has good schools, plenty of commercial centers and entertainment establishments

SM City Lipa | SM Supermalls

With two big malls and many commercial centers near the area, Lipa remains to be one of the best places to shop in the province of Batangas. People from nearby towns even purposefully go to Lipa just for malling and recreational activities. I still remember fondly travelling from my hometown to Lipa to shop for new school supplies when I was younger. For families with children, there are a lot of good schools in Lipa as well. Studying in this city for 4 years was a great experience.

De La Salle Lipa – CBEAM Building | Gilberto Mejillano Jr.

7. The City itself is beautiful and captivating

The Old Grove Farmstead, Tambo, Lipa City, Batangas | RMR Photography

Given the title “Little Rome of the Philippines”, Lipa is a haven for religious families. It is full of churches, convents and other religious establishments. There is a quaint vibe to the city, making it such a peaceful place, perfect for those trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and even life itself. Some of the famous tourist destinations in Lipa include The Farm at San Benito, The Old Grove Farmstead, Cintai Corito’s Garden, Our Lady of Mt Carmel, and so on. Almost all of these spots showcase the beauty of nature. 

All these things and so much more made me fall in love with Lipa City. There is no other place I’d choose to invest in. Even with all that said, I still find it really amusing how I decided to choose real estate as an investment. It was far from what I thought an investment would look like. Stocks, bonds, and the like were the main characters in my head when I heard about the word investment way back. However, as I have learned, real estate is probably one of the safest and worthy investments that exist. Value appreciation is almost always guaranteed. Land is limited and it will always be in demand as long as the population keeps growing. 

I have thought of what kind of real estate investment to pursue. I wanted something that will match my lifestyle as a young professional. I also wanted something that I can use to generate passive income. Thankfully, Lipa City is a home to trusted developers. There are a lot to choose from. As someone meticulous and part of the real estate world as well, I wanted a developer that is established in the industry and can offer me options. I researched and came up with a few, but I found one project that I think matches my needs perfectly – Camella Manors Lipa. Just hearing the name of the project gets me excited.

Camella Manors Lipa Perspective | Condo In Lipa

Camella Manors Lipa offers affordable Condo in Lipa City. It is managed by Vista Land, the largest home developer in the Philippines. The location of the project is very ideal for it is right in the heart of Lipa City.  Located in Brgy. Tibig, offers the convenience of being near major malls, schools, hospitals, places of worship and famous tourist spots in Lipa. It’s just 5 minutes away from the main highway as well. I have researched what the project can offer and immediately I fell in love. With its very own swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, lobby and jogging paths, I can imagine the lifestyle I will have! It is also the first resort themed condo in Lipa, assuring a vacation vibe every day. It is perfect for millennials and young investors!

Camella Manors Lipa Pool Perspective | Condo In Lipa

 With all that said, there are so many reasons why I chose to invest in a condominium. It appealed to me mainly because I adore living independently. I also don’t plan to have a large family in the future. But aside from that, there are other factors worth mentioning. 

Living in a condominium will make it easier for me to maintain and clean my space.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

I am a minimalist at heart and I hate clutter. A small unit will be more than enough for me. A small space will also encourage me not to buy things I don’t really need. These factors, interestingly, may also equate to having more free time. Since I don’t have to dedicate a whole day cleaning and maintaining, it will be easier for me to pursue my hobbies and passions. 

The units are affordable.

Affordable Condominium For Sale in Lipa, Batangas | Camella Manors Lipa

Taking Camella Manors Lipa as a great example, real estate projects are making it easier for people to avail their units through flexible payment terms and great promos. As of this moment, Camella Manors Lipa is offering a “step up” downpayment option. The downpayment for a year is only around 15,000 pesos. For a young professional, this is possible through budgeting and good financial planning! 

I can save up more. 

Save more space | Condo In Lipa

Just with the interior cost alone, I can save a lot by purchasing a space just right for my needs. It is easy to decorate a small space. The cost of this condo in Lipa is less expensive as well in comparison 0with those condominiums in the Metro. In the long run, with a small space, I can even save on the utility cost.  

I will feel more safe and secure.

With Camella Manor’s top notch security, I won’t have to worry about intruders or robbers. I will definitely feel at ease. Peace of mind is very valuable nowadays.

The community and the lifestyle I want is achieved. 

Fitness Gym | Camella Manors Lipa

Everything I can ever think of will be within my reach – the amenities, the neighborhood, and the lifestyle. Worth noting is Camella Manor’s great location. With malls, schools and hospitals just minutes away, a worry free life is on its way. 

I can put the Condo up for rent.

Bedroom Interior

This is probably one of the major reasons why I decided to choose a condo. With the booming of the home/condo rental industry in the last few years, a condo unit in a place like Lipa will surely bring passive income to the table. Since Camella Manors Lipa is near schools and major commercial establishments, situated near tourist spots and very accessible to the Metro, I won’t have trouble communicating to such a large target market. 

Camella Manors in Lipa makes it possible for me to achieve the dream life I thought would not be possible in 5 years. With affordable condo units, it will not be hard for young professionals and millennials like me to afford their own space. Right now, the real estate market is making it easier to acquire properties. With evolving methods of transactions and industries switching to online facilities, young people can easily get hold of their dream unit. Making this a goal drives me to work harder everyday and look forward to the future. Visualizing, imagining and trying to picture the lifestyle I will live once I acquire this condo gives me a surge of energy and makes me very hopeful for the future.

Growing up and facing adulthood is definitely not easy. A lot of change occurs and sometimes, we are not ready to face all of it. However, as years go by, we learn and grow as individuals. We get to identify what’s important and we slowly build up goals and aspirations for the near future. Having a goal, like acquiring a condo unit, makes life more exciting. The sense of fulfillment once this goal is achieved will be unlike any other. To all my fellow young professionals and millennials out there, dream big! It is always better to have a goal! Whatever your list of goals are, go for it with all your heart! 


Kathren Kelly Bobadilla

A mindset mentor and lifestyle blogger of RISING MODERN WOMAN who blends the beauty of spirituality and practicality for modern women.